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Lady L.

Lady L.

Black women make up a very small percentage of the tattoo industry. For Lady L., that wasn't going to discourage her from showing the world her skills and talent as an artist. With over thirteen years in the industry, and being named "Detroit's Best Tattoo Artist" three years in a row, her gift and creativity [...]

Ayo Haynes

Ayo Haynes Backstage at the Apollo Some say the world of real estate is a man’s world, but Ayo Haynes proves it would be nothing without a woman who is on top of her game! With a background as an actress and voice-over artist, a BA in Business Communications and a MBA in Marketing, Ayo [...]

Zoe Hennessey

Photography by Jeffrey Alberts Achieving the perfect look may be a challenging task to many. For Freelance Fashion Stylist and Personal Shopper Zoe Hennessey, it's more like a calling. From styling celebrities to fashion editorials, Zoe has an extensive resume and portfolio that definitely speaks for itself. With clients like Bravo, MTV, and VH1, Zoe's [...]

Julia Bendis

Most single women will probably agree that in 2019 dating is pretty tough! Trying to find the right guy, and sorting through all the bad apples can make any single girl want to give up and throw in the towel. Luckily that's where Julia Bendis come in. As a matchmaker and founder of Match by [...]

Misha Fields

Wife, mother, career woman, one -third member of one of my favorite female R&B groups 702, LeMisha “Misha” Fields, is proof to us ladies that with hard work and dedication yes we can have it all. I recently got the chance to chat with Misha to get her perspective on success and how she makes [...]