Sukie Jefferson

Photograpy by IG: @ notoriousbent

Close your eyes and imagine the scent of Coconut Lime, Mint Mojito, Mediterranean Fig, Pineapple Sage, or Cinnamon Chai. No need to wish you are on a beach or a tropical paradise because thanks to Sukie Jefferson these amazing scents can be delivered right to your door.

Having drive and determination to find a passion that allowed a creative outlet, Sukie started by making candles and giving them to friends and co-workers. A graduate of Spelman College with a double major in Sociology and Anthropology, a minor in Public Health from Morehouse College, and a Graduate degree from the University of San Francisco, she combined her educational background, love for candle making, and experiences with different cultures to inspire the start of Sukie’s Candle Co. in 2016. 

Sukie’s Candles come in an array of exotic and tropical scents that are reminiscent of some of the places she has traveled. Not only are her candles exoctically scented, they are also hand -poured, vegan, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. Sukie is a prime example of how following your heart can truly pay off!

Definition of Success:

Success is your ability to wake up and feel alignment. Heart space, mental space, spiritual capacity. This full mind-body soul alignment with how you are interacting and how you are living in the world. Success is the ability to tap into that authenticity within yourself to see if you can carve out a space for yourself in the world that allows for your greatest gifts to emerge. Success is the ability to tap into your gift and not allow your fear to hold you back from pursuing it, and trying to explore that. That might evolve throughout the course of your life, but it’s staying willing to be curious about that process and recognizing that you ultimately continue to serve yourself and others once you are able to exercise that gift.

Healthy Self-Esteem:

I think self-esteem is one of those things that starts really early on in your home and in your childhood. It sort of stems from that and in terms of how you cultivate your identity as a woman. Kudos to my parents and to my mother for shaping me, but more specifically giving me the permission to express my femininity in whatever way that looked like for me. I wasn’t told how to do it. I was just given this space to find that and to explore and to encourage along the way in whatever developmental path that sort of led me. As a result as a woman, I think I’ve had to learn about my confidence and learn about my strengths and gifts in a trial and error kind of way.

I wasn’t held back and I wasn’t sheltered. I was given full permission to explore the world and travel to see other cultures. I understood the amount of wealth that my family had relative to some of the other cultures that I saw. 

A lot of the confidence that I have in me today is grounded in the fact that the aesthetics and the looks in my household were never praised. In fact if I came in the house and thought I looked cute and had on heels or was all dolled up, my mom and brothers if anything would kind of laugh at me. They would say what book have you read this week? What can you contribute to this political debate we are having about some historical war or whatever the case? We would always have these really academically rich and philosophical conversations because I come from a background of educators. A lot of my confidence comes from being nurtured at home properly and being put in environments where I was allowed to thrive independently.

Dating Advice:

I’ve identified within my circle that the narrative that single women or black women are thirsty for a ring and eager to catch a man, we are planning our wedding day at 15, the narrative that men are afraid of commitment and you have to lock one down-All of that terminology has been the opposite of my experience entirely. I have in many ways only experienced men who have been pursuing marriage and ready for a long term commitment. They have been open to that and remarkably vulnerable with sharing that desire of level of intimacy with me. I learned really early on that sometimes a woman can choose too. You can choose to take your time. You don’t have to say yes to the first guy that proposes to you, or the second, or the third. There is power in recognizing what you bring to the table as a woman. I have found a lot of joy in that. Men can pick up on when a woman has really come into her own, or when she is feeling that she needs a man to validate her.

What’s in the Future:

I want to ensure that I can provide jobs and continue to recycle the black dollar in the black community for a little bit longer. That’s really important to me. When you see other women doing it, this plants a seed in your own mind that it’s possible for you too. When you see the number of successful black women entrepreneurs, particularly the ones that show the full extent of their journey. To show when they were struggling making whatever products out of their backyards or recording a podcast out of their bedrooms, and they show the continual progression and journey. Hopefully, I can continue to be a representative of that example. I want to be an example of a woman who has locked into a vision and has made it happen. Hopefully, be able to hire other black women, younger girls, college students, and bring them into that momentum of what ideas do you have that you want to bring birth to in this word.

I would like to continue getting into more stores and continue refining the products. Making sure I am etching towards becoming a luxury brand or a luxury candle company.

Favorite Shade of Lipstick:

From the Lip Bar-Boss Lady

To learn more about Sukie and to shop Sukie’s Candles please visit

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