Month: March 2020

Debbie E. Louis, M.S.

Photography by: LKY Images

Since the age of five, yes I said five, Debbie E. Louis has had a passion for creating moments to remember. Fast forward to present day, and she has turned her passion and calling into an amazing business and career. As the founder of A’ La Mode Events, Debbie is the Chief Planner dedicated to managing and designing events that her clients will be sure to love and never forget.

Definition of Success:

Success is a process and there is beauty in learning how to fail.  Failure creates a pathway to success. Sacrifices are made daily. I removed myself from many friends and situations to enter into this journey. I have also invested every single dollar that I owned into my business thinking about the aftermath first. 

Healthy Self Esteem:

I look in the mirror a lot. I speak positive affirmations to myself and I dance every day. Even if its for one minute or 10. I find my self dancing and saying positive things to myself or thinking of great ways to make myself feel better. I also, have a regimen for skin and getting ready that really helps me find a healthy balance for my self-esteem. 

Dating Advice:

Take your time! Trust the process and look for someone who is going to wow you! Don’t settle. When you do get into the relationship remember that you are looking for someone you can be in a partnership with. If you can’t build with a person then don’t be with that said person.

What’s in the Future:

Expanding. We are actually going to be hiring and doing a little bit of restructuring. This year is looking up for both of my businesses! God is good

Favorite Shade of Lipstick:

 I have two. A Ruby Red or a nice pop of berry. Although, red is my go to. 

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Tune Out and Turn Up the Peace

I look at peace as a state of mind. Sometimes it truly takes some strength and determination to tune out the outside world and focus on getting some inner peace. From our daily responsibilities, to social media, our cell phones, and all the other distractions, it’s easy to go from day to day not having a moment to just experience some peace and calm.

I’m a big believer in prayer. I love to mediate and read a bible scripture to help center me. Having a connection with God helps to give me that daily peace and calm that I need!

I encourage you to take a moment each day to find at least ten minutes of peace. Ten minutes where you can focus on your thoughts, your sanity, your inner self. Whether to say a prayer, read a few pages in a book, sit on your couch with your eyes closed and doing nothing, whatever works for you. Just find that time to calm and center yourself. You can have daily peace in the midst of a hectic world.

Beyond the Limits

Why do we put so many limits on ourselves? Forget about other people doing it for us. We tend to do a good enough job causing our own limitations. We limit our dreams, our expectations, our goals. Not living up to our full potential because of self limitations and doubt. Sometimes we have to push through our own demons that hold us back in order to break through to be where we want to be.