Shade of Encouragement: If I Can See It

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of a vision board. Over the past few months I’ve heard several people mention the importance of having one. I never thought too much about it, but consistently hearing that it’s worth creating one made me give in. I once heard someone say if you can’t realistically see yourself living the life you want, then don’t even expect it. Makes sense to me!

Yes count me in as a member of the vision board team. Every morning I read my vision board out loud. Not only to put it out in the universe, but to actually hear myself say and speak the things I desire for my life. I find something so empowering in that. Speaking it aloud also gives me motivation to put some things in action. I can read a vision board all day long, but if I’m not putting in the effort to make those desires come to life…they wont! The bible says faith without works is dead. If you plant seeds and don’t water them nothing will grow.

So today I challenge you to start your own vision board. It can consist of pictures, quotes, scriptures, a list of goals, whatever you wan’t to include. Be as creative as you want. Let the board represent what you want for your life. If you can see it you can do it!

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