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Debbie E. Louis, M.S.

Photography by: LKY Images

Since the age of five, yes I said five, Debbie E. Louis has had a passion for creating moments to remember. Fast forward to present day, and she has turned her passion and calling into an amazing business and career. As the founder of A’ La Mode Events, Debbie is the Chief Planner dedicated to managing and designing events that her clients will be sure to love and never forget.

Definition of Success:

Success is a process and there is beauty in learning how to fail.  Failure creates a pathway to success. Sacrifices are made daily. I removed myself from many friends and situations to enter into this journey. I have also invested every single dollar that I owned into my business thinking about the aftermath first. 

Healthy Self Esteem:

I look in the mirror a lot. I speak positive affirmations to myself and I dance every day. Even if its for one minute or 10. I find my self dancing and saying positive things to myself or thinking of great ways to make myself feel better. I also, have a regimen for skin and getting ready that really helps me find a healthy balance for my self-esteem. 

Dating Advice:

Take your time! Trust the process and look for someone who is going to wow you! Don’t settle. When you do get into the relationship remember that you are looking for someone you can be in a partnership with. If you can’t build with a person then don’t be with that said person.

What’s in the Future:

Expanding. We are actually going to be hiring and doing a little bit of restructuring. This year is looking up for both of my businesses! God is good

Favorite Shade of Lipstick:

 I have two. A Ruby Red or a nice pop of berry. Although, red is my go to. 

To learn more about Debbie please visit https://www.alamodeevents.com/

Wyvetta Taylor

As a freelance makeup artist in Los Angeles, Wyvetta Taylor is definitely making her mark in the beauty world! With celebrity clients including Cedric the Entertainer and Dominique Perry, Wyvetta’s clientele continues to grow as she ensures all of them leave her makeup chair with glowing healthy skin!

Definition of Success:

I define success having a loving community of family and friends, being financially secure and feeling happy and confident. I don’t believe there is a specific salary you have to make or certain amount of assets you have to acquire. I also don’t believe it’s about living up to someone else’s expectation for your personal life or career either. 

I’ve made large financial investments in my education and in my kit. Doing so definitely took money away from other things like vacations, nights out and beauty luxuries. It was a sacrifice but I’m happy I did it because it helped grow my skills and my business.

Self Esteem:

I ensure I have a healthy self esteem by taking care of myself physically. My hair and skin are important to me so I carve out time every week to take care of both. I wear clothes that make me feel good about how I look. I also exercise regularly. My goal this year is to run 1000 miles. 

Dating Advice:

The best dating advice I can give is believe people the first time they show you who they are. Whether it’s good, bad or indifferent accept it and proceed accordingly. 

What’s in the Future:

In my future I see myself working with more celebrities and doing more advertising gigs for major brands.

Favorite Shade of Lipstick :

It’s really hard to say what I’m favorite lipstick is because I’m way too obsessed with them. My current favorite is MAC Cosmo. On an everyday basis I keep my make neutral so I love that Cosmo looks like brighter version of my natural lip color.

To learn more about Wyvetta please visit https://www.wyvettataylor.com/

Dr. La Shawn Denise Witt

Looking to plan the wedding or event of your dreams? How about taking a trip to an exotic place or somewhere beautiful across the world? Lucky for you the doctor is in, and she can make all of your event and destination dreams a reality!

Mother, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, Dr. La Shawn Denise Witt is a woman making moves! As owner of Divine Diva Events, a very successful event and travel service, Dr. La Shawn is committed to creating memorable moments for her clients. All executed with a touch of elegance and diva style.

Even with all that she has on her plate, Dr. La Shawn is also a committed educator with over eighteen years experience in the field. She is a role model in a variety of ways. Showing us women, especially us single moms, that sky’s the limit if you put in the hard work and truly believe in yourself!

Definition of Success:

Success is when you can stand on a foundation and build something of your own. Success is when you can stand confidently and know that you gave something your all and you persevered. Success is when your brand speaks for yourself. Hard work, determination and prayer are very important to achieving your goals. Sacrifices of investment into growing your brand is very important. That can be finding a mentor, investing in professional development or surveying what is out there. Once you have invested in your brand and assessed your needs – success comes.

Healthy self esteem:

I continue to practice self care. I do my best to eat healthy, exercise and take care of myself. I believe these things are essential to ensuring that you have a healthy sense of your self esteem. I stand in the mirror daily and repeat declarations to myself. If I am my number 1 fan than I can continue to operate in high self esteem. 

Dating advice:

Dating advice is always a hard one. We live in a time where there are so many differences in the way that singles perceive dating. Date yourself first, get to know who you are, what you like and what you don’t like. Enjoy doing you- this is when you will meet people who are like minded and will be great matches for you in this dating life. We as single women should not ever settle for less. Always believe that there is a special someone out there for you who will value you and compliment the woman that you are. 

What’s in the Future?

Expanding into travel has been one of my greatest joys. I am looking into expanding internationally and offering planning services globally. 

Favorite shade of lipstick?

Ecstasy Laquer 603 Giorgio Armani

To learn more about Dr. La Shawn and Divine Diva Events please visit www.divinedivaevents.com

I Support the Girls

Lipstick and Bras is all about female empowerment. I Support the Girls does exactly that! This Nonprofit is a true example of how powerful we can be as women when we support, uplift, and look out for one another. I’m very excited to feature this amazing organization and spread the word about the very important work they do!

History and Mission:

I Support the Girls’ founder, Dana Marlowe, lost some weight and needed new bras. While being fitted at a local Soma boutique, she wondered aloud what she should do with her old bras. The saleswoman said, “Homeless women need bras.” Lightbulb moment.

Dana Marlowe-Founder of I Support the Girls
Photography by D. LAG Photography

Dana went home and posted on Facebook, asking family and friends to send her bras and menstrual hygiene products which would be donated to a local shelter. Products poured in and an initial collection of over 7,000 products was donated.

Dana didn’t stop there, knowing how great the need was across the country. Dana established the global nonprofit I Support The Girls (ISTG) in order to help girls and women experiencing homelessness maintain their dignity.

I Support the Girls impact on the women and girls they serve:

In just 4 short years, ISTG has collected and distributed over 4.7 million products, helping over 410,000 girls and women maintain their dignity at 830 global social service organizations. Our model is to establish affiliates (52 in U.S., 4 globally) and work according to our motto: “Collect locally, donate locally.” This means that donors are having a direct impact on the lives of people in their community.
Or as Felicia, a woman experiencing homelessness in Washington D.C. told Dana when she came to a shelter to choose new bras: “When someone believes I’m worth something, I start to feel as though I’m worth something, too.”  

Photography by D. LAG Photography

How you can support:

Providing essentials not only helps girls and women maintain their dignity. It empowers them by enabling them to stand tall and live their lives without worrying about an ill-fitting bra or their period causing financial or physical burdens. 

Financial donations allow ISTG to expand its efforts and help more people experiencing homelessness. Product donations can be brought to your local affiliate and they will be distributed to those needing it in your community.Readers are encouraged to start a drive or collectionhost an eventvolunteer or raise awareness by inviting our staff to come speak at your company, corporate or other event.

What’s in the future ? 

More affiliates, more products collected and distributed, more girls and women maintaining their dignity and feeling empowered. 
Additionally, ISTG will be expanding its advocacy efforts to – advocate for the rights of people experiencing homelessness – push for schools and public buildings to carry menstrual hygiene products that can be taken for free- campaign for the elimination of the tampon tax across the U.S. Women who are experiencing homelessness often need to choose between tampons or a hot meal.

The tax further hinders their ability to even consider purchasing a box of tampons. Please add your voice and become a strong advocate for women’s dignity and empowerment!

To learn more about I Support the Girls please visit https://isupportthegirls.org/